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Sister to Sister by Angelene Lois Trice

Sister to Sister by Angelene Lois Trice


As a young child, Angelene knew that she had been called by God. She was raised in the church all of her life but in her younger days there were obstacles inhibiting her from operating in the purpose God intended. As she grew up, fell in love, married and birthed children, she was determined to fulfill the call of ministry. While growing up, her experiences taught her that God favored men, even though she was a woman and knew that God was clearly speaking to her to move forward in ministry. Angelene shares her story of how she was raised in a small town in Illinois and moved to Michigan and became one of the first female pastors in their church denomination. You will laugh and cry as you see how God's hand was upon her life and how she pressed forward to break her silence and allowed God to use her from the pulpit. Pastor Emeritus Angelene Lois Trice was born in Villa Ridge, Illinois and comes from a long lineage of pastors and ministers in the gospel, including her father who founded a church in Jackson, Michigan. In 1976, her husband, Larry M. Trice, Sr. began pastoring a church in Lansing, Michigan. Subsequently, she became the pastor and her leadership enabled this church to expand in outreach ministries, personal and family development and spiritual education. She is a prophetess, teacher and intercessor. She is the mother of three beautiful children. Years later, she passed the mantle onto her son, Larry M. Trice, Jr., Pastor, Tabernacle of David Worship Center in Lansing. To God be the glory!

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