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  • What are the store hours?
    We’re open: Wednesday-Friday, 11am-2pm and Saturday, 11am-6pm. We are closed Sunday-Tuesday. Any unexpected closures will be announced on our Instagram page. Please check there for daily updates.
  • Where are you located?
    Socialight Society is conveniently located inside the Lansing Mall. The closest entrance to our store is Lens Crafters - walk down the hall, take a right, and you’ll find us on the left side of the hallway right next to Hiit Fitness.
  • How do you select your titles?
    We curate classic, contemporary, and children’s titles written by and for Black Women. Most books are from our personal reading list.
  • Do you only carry books authored by Black woman?
    Black stories, by Black women are our priority - So the majority of books on our shelves are authored by Black women. We curate our space based on themes that speak to Black women and occasionally we'll add titles by authors that don't identify as Black women. Regardless of what we carry on our shelves, we're always happy to order any book via special order or our page.
  • I don’t see a book I wanted. Can you order it?
    Absolutely! Just let us know. (click here)
  • How can I get my book on your shelves?
    We’re a big fan of independent authors - bonus if you also identify as a Black Woman. If you have a book you think we should carry check out our Book Submission form.
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