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Thank you for your interest in having us carry your title! One of our main priorities is to offer shelf space to Black women authors, who often lack representation in traditional bookstores - Please read the guidelines below before submitting your book for consideration.


  • Author identifies as a Black Woman, with good alignment with the Socialight Society brand

  • Book(s) must be bound and feature a valid 13-digit ISBN

  • Cover art cannot be visibly pixelated

  • Books must be proof-read and contain no typographical errors

  • Books must be paperback, hardcover, or board book with appropriate glue binding for spine

  • It should be appropriate for our store; i.e., it should not be in a genre that we do not stock or promote.

  • Its content must be in alignment with our mission, for the community and be an item our customers would be interested in purchasing.


Please answer the following questions to help us get acquainted with your work. Please do not send unsolicited review copies to the store as we cannot guarantee their return.

Also note, we are a small team and check these responses at a regular interval. Due to the high volume of requests we receive, we can't respond to everyone individually, but will be in touch directly if we think there is a good fit for our shop.

Thanks for submitting!

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