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I Stayed Too Long But I'm Still Here by Marneta Lynn Griffin

I Stayed Too Long But I'm Still Here by Marneta Lynn Griffin


Based on true events from a fifteen-year relationship she entered by choice. But the battle started many years before that with a little girl who seemingly had it all…but you know what they say…looks can be deceiving. Every relationship has a honeymoon phase, but that phase can and will end. Red flags…low self-esteem…a desire to be loved…scars from her daddy issues—kept Marrin from calling it quits when she knew she should have gotten out—even as she put on her wedding dress. Marrin was supposed to be dead; almost lost her life, at her own hand, because she stayed too long. She didn’t know she had a voice to use in putting a stop to it. She didn’t know to ask for help. She didn’t know, she didn’t know…she just did not know. Young girls, older women, and yes, even men, can heed the warning signs depicted in Marrin’s story and hopefully leave, walk, run before they get in so deep they no longer recognize themselves. Young boys and men can glean what NOT to do in their interactions with the women they profess to love. Go with Marrin as she takes you where she lived, and stayed, too long.

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